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About Joseph C Brooks IV

Joseph C Brooks IV is a business owner, second generation business operator and business consultant. He partners with other moving business owners to advise them on the best sales & operations practices. This can include but is not limited to vendor management, change management, branding, retargeting and management dynamics. Through in-depth consulting, Joseph provides tested solutions to countless moving businesses.


Joseph’s mission is to cultivate sustainable moving businesses by providing repeatable solutions for his clients.

Our Team

Danika Brooks - Customer Service
30+ years of moving industry customer service & HR experience.

Katherine Brooks - Hospitality
Bethun Cookman graduate with 20+ years of hospitality expertise.

Problems We Solve

Consulting Services

Over the last 10 years, I have helped transform countless moving companies by walking them through the following practices.

Compensation & Incentive Plans

Ensure employee longevity & motivation.

Sales & Pricing Strategy

Maximize how much your customers are willing to pay.

Hiring & Training

We recruit & train the best movers, taking the headache out of hiring.

Sales Tech & Data Analytics

Understand the metrics behind your venture.

Storage & Warehousing

Make sure all your items are stored correctly.

Family Business Services

Being a 2nd generation business owner myself, I have consulted many moving companies on their family-related issues. I also help aspiring entrepreneurs create family-owned moving businesses.

Sales & Operations

Maximize productivity & minimize expenses.

Team Building

Build a qualified team & handle legacy fairly.

Conflict Management

It can be difficult to navigate business-related issues with family. I provide an array of problem solving techniques that make this process more manageable.

Marketing Services

Through growing many moving compamnies to large scale operations, I have tried and tested marketing knowledge with a lean approach that maximizes profits and minimizes costs.

Inbound/Outbound Marketing

Emails, SMS, social media, increase the channels you use to find customers who are looking to move.

Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, even exquisite service isn't enough. Make sure your services are seen first.


Give your brand power & stand out from the rest.

Virtual Assistants

Outsource your workload and get premium results.

Partner With Me

My industry-wide connections have allowed me to connect countless moving companies with qualified service providers. Partnerships with me give your venture access to...

For Moving Companies

Website Development

I partner with local web developers for the best websites at the best prices.

Branding Materials

Logos, graphics, business cards, and more.

Customer Support

Hire virtual assistants to outsource your workflow.

Capital Funding

Secure the funds needed to add longevity to your venture.

For Movers

We have helped countless movers start & scale their careers through our expertise in the following.

Getting Employed

Learn what companies want to see before hiring their team.

Pricing of Services

Understand how much you deserve to be paid.


Both physical and mental training are required to be a quality mover.

Growth & Expansion

Turn a side-hustle into a sustainable career.

Referral Program

Do you know moving business owners who need help growing their venture?

1. Have them fill out our contact form below specifying you as their reference. →

2. We will reach out and set up a call to go over their company's needs & painpoints. →

3. If your reference decides to work with us, we will reach out to you with a gift card with a value of up to $400 as our appreciation!


"I would like to thank Joseph for his excellent efforts and commitment in assisting us to obtain $35,000 in business funding. I am impressed with his dedicated and professional demeanor. I look forward to working with Joseph on future projects!"

- Henry Kao

"I would like to thank Joseph for his continued services and support. Since February 2018, we have grown tremendously as an organization in all areas. Without Joseph's high level of accountability, knowledge, consistency, and expertise, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We look forward to continuing services with Joseph to elevate our company to the next level."

- Tamika Shannon

"I can confidently recommend Joseph's high quality, one stop shop of professional work. If you’re working with Joseph, I can say for sure that you are in great safe hands!"

- Gloria Matthews

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